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Equissage Treatment

Equissage Treatment

SKU: 0005

Equissage - This needs little introduction. We are very fortunate to have purchased a Equissage unit and will be offering a travelling service. We initially purchased the unit to service our horses in training and our own stock however the benefits of this simply have to be shared. With the unique cyclical vibration system which gently stimulates circulation and cellular movement without damaging cell walls, it offers a very thorough form of massage. A 20minute treatment will have benefits lasting up to 8hrs. This is an excellent tool to use to warm up, loosen up muscles, relax and warm down muscles and also to stimulate the removal of waste products from the body. There are several options within a treatment from therapy uses to speed up recovery and boost circulation, to a general massage for wellness and maintenance through to a relaxation and very gentle setting. Equissage is quiet, and so far we have yet to find an animal (or person, yes sometimes we use it on ourselves too) that has not felt and moved better post treatment.

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