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How to get a shiny coat on your horse or pony

A shiny coat is a sign of a healthy horse and is a desirable goal for any horse owner.

It all starts with correct nutrition. Feeding a balanced mineral supplement is the first step. Minerals, vitamins, and proteins are the building blocks of your horse's body. You need to supply your horse with the right blocks to build the body you want. Good health shows up in a shiny coat.

There are also other things you can do along the way to improve your horse's coat.

  • Feed a balanced complete ration or if your horse is mainly in a paddock, make sure they have access to minerals either in their water or a lick block. Tropical soils are often depleted of minerals and it is essential to add them to your horse's diet.

  • Groom your horse regularly. Really get in and curry comb and brush. Good old elbow grease will bring circulation to the coat, remove loose and dead hair, stimulate the skin and give your horse a massage.

  • Feed an oil supplement. Oil is great for shining up the coat. A little bit goes a long way and it can be an energy supplement for your horse. Make sure you buy a good quality oil, safe for horses, and make sure it doesn't go rancid. Always check your oil before feeding your horse. Cold-pressed oils are best, or freshly ground oilseeds such as linseeds. Linseeds can be fed whole but there is potential for wastage with some horses.

  • Feed a supplement like Tuffrock Conditioner +, which has collagen which supports coat growth and developing shine. It also has many other internal benefits to your horse which will promote good gut health, hoof health, and skin conditioning.

  • Rugging can help repel insects, stop sun bleaching, and in some cases (jute rugs) polish the coat as the horse moves around. Always be mindful of the temperature when you rug your horse. It is better in the tropics to be using light mesh, jute, or flag rugs than cooking your horse under a heavy canvas. If you do rug your horses remember to check them daily in case the rugs slip, tear, get caught on a tree or fence, etc. Always take the rugs off and check the horse daily for any rubbing (bad fit) or issues that might be hidden by the rug.

  • Washing your horse with a horse shampoo such as Hoss Gloss or Amino Gloss will clean the coat gently and without stripping the hair of its natural oils. Leaving the coat soft and clean but not damaging the horse's natural protection.

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