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Wet Season Products Tried and Tested

Wet weather can be a real challenge for horses. The constant rain causes fungal skin infections and hoof problems. Additionally, the bugs are out in force. Here in the Top End of the NT, we are having to deal with the monsoon. This means we are getting long days and nights of drizzling rain and flash flooding. So, in order to keep our horses and livestock healthy here are my top tips.


A good shelter that allows relief from the downpour is very helpful for most stock. Even a flat skillion roof offers some protection. Ensure all shelters have adequate airflow as enclosed spaces can cause mold spores to develop. A good base with a dry floor is also important. This gives horses and chance to get up out of the mud and water and dry out their hooves.

Some of the common irritations during the wet season are skin conditions. Rain scald is a bacterial infection in the first few layers of skin. It causes hair loss and itch. Washing your horse with an iodine wash will help kill the bacteria. We then use a topical application of Equine Super Goo Equine Topical Cream. This water-based cream creates a soothing barrier to protect the skin and to heal and regrow the hair. It smells great and is totally safe to apply. This cream can also be used on greasy-heel (where the skin around the hooves becomes inflamed and sore) in addition to any cuts or abrasions.

With sudden changes in weather, the risk of colic becomes a real threat. We have successfully used Tuffrock GI liquid to help horses who are struggling with the wet season. A 20ml dose over the tongue is great for settling bellies and soothing horses with scours.

Wet weather can also bring on abscesses in hooves and we swear by Tuffrock Poultice. It draws out infection, soothes and heals skin, and is an effective barrier from germs and foreign bodies. It can be applied in wet weather and will stick to the skin. It is also highly effective for open wounds which can be difficult to bandage or where a bandage will get wet and smelly quickly.

Finally with hard feeds being cut back and lick blocks exposed to the weather it can be tough to ensure your horse is accessing the right minerals. We love Beachport Liquid Minerals Red Cap. It can be dropped in a water trough, and a 20ml dose lasts a horse 2 weeks. It ensures adequate water intake and is super easy to apply.

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